Law of Attraction

I have a fun personal story I am going to share with you below on how the magic of the Law of Attraction works in our lives but first, I wanted to share a little bit with you on the subject of the LOA.


While in grade school, we all learn the scientific fact that everything in the Universe is made of energy (E=MC2) including us as human beings. In fact, everything in the Universe is made from the same energy! Pretty wild if you think about it. To go further, it’s our energy or the rate our energy is vibrating that attracts back to us the experiences, the events and the people in our lives. Yet, most people are ignorant to this fact but, just because many people aren’t aware of this, the Law of Attraction doesn’t stop working in their lives.


Everyone easily understands the Law of Gravity because they can see it with their eyes every day. If you drop an object from your hand it will hit the floor–every time–hence the simple physical proof of the Law of Gravity. However, most people don’t understand the LOA because they can’t see it with their eyes but, when you learn to pay attention you will realize the LOA is all around you. Then, when you learn to consciously use the Law of Attraction, that’s when the magic really starts.

How does the Law of Attraction work in our lives? Simple…we magnetize everything in our lives through our consistent thoughts (focus), our consistent emotions (how we feel) and most importantly, our internal state of being in every area of our lives. Quite simply, what we think about constantly, what we expect to happen in our lives and how we feel about our life in each area will ALWAYS play out in our physical world. It is a 100% proposition that our physical world will always mirror our internal world and the more you learn to trust that this fact, the faster things materialize into your lives. The key is to magnetize the things you want in your life, not the things you don’t want.
I go into great detail about this subject in my book as well as the No Limits audio program, giving people the simple formula of how to consciously put the Law of Attraction to work for them on a daily basis. Does this mean you never have challenges, feel negative emotions or hit the occasional speed bump in your life? No, not at all. But when you’re aware of why things are happening, know how to move through the challenging times and learn to trust that you are supported here way beyond what you can see with your eyes, you know that everything is working the way it’s supposed to be working.


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Now, here is the story I promised as told in a email I sent to a friend about 4 years ago. This is the LOA in action simply by focusing on what you want and expecting it to happen. Can’t make this stuff up…
Great email, thank you for sharing. I thought I would share something that happened to me today along the lines of focusing on your end result and staying in acceptance…
A couple of weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to PGA golfer Matt Kuchar to see if he had an interest in doing something together with No Limits. I saw Matt interviewed and he believes in the correct mindset and staying in the moment while competing. I did some research online, found his agent and sent them an email & letter discussing my program etc with the potential of us doing something together. The assistant called me and said they received the letter and would forward it on to Matt.
This morning I was driving to get a cup of coffee and I pulled up to Panera but the lot was crowded and it forced me to park in the next lot by Starbucks. I was on the phone so I sat in my car for a few minutes and I saw a PGA courtesy car pull up and a woman got out of the passenger side and walked into Starbucks. The PGA event is in Chicago this week, not far from me, so I figured this was a golfer with the courtesy car. I hung up the phone and walked past the car to see who the golfer was and it looked like…Matt Kuchar! He had a hat on and his head was down so I walked into Starbucks and figured I would ask his wife before I freaked him out by walking up to his car. She was very nice and I asked her if that was Matt in the car. She said, yes it was. I explained to her who I was and the fact that I sent him an email a few weeks ago. She told me to go say hi that Matt would be happy to speak with me.
I walked to the car, Matt rolled down his window and I made introductions. He was really nice, said he remembered seeing something about my email but hadn’t had time to respond yet. I told him a little about my program along with telling him I would love to do something together. We spoke a bit, we exchanged information and we agreed to be in touch with each other.

It’s really funny how my morning played out; I was delayed by a phone call, someone at the gas station slowed me down but I ended up pulling into Starbuck’s the exact same time as Matt Kuchar…very cool. I’m not sure where this will lead nor do I have to know right now but, just more confirmation of how things work when you focus on your desired end result and remain in acceptance.”

""You have everything inside of you to create anything in your life that you desire." - Coach Mike"

A story of a 13 year old boy named Jacob who forgot how to be happy, until he met Coach Mike and learned all about the No Limits practices and applied them to his life.

No Limits, Mastering the Mental Edge

No Limits, Mastering the Mental Egde: The Class They Don't Teach You in School - Mike Basevic

This website lets you take what you learn from this book to the next level! 

No Limits, Mastering the Mental Edge

No Limits, Mastering the Mental Edge: The Class They Don't Teach You in School - Mike Basevic

This website lets you take what you learn from this book to the next level.